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Outdoor Window Treatments & Shades

You love your house… the layout, the yard, and even the color of your front door. There’s just one tiny detail you wish you could change: the direction your house faces. To say your home gets a lot of sun would be an understatement — one that becomes quickly apparent each summer when the power bill gives you a near-heart attack. The problem is, if you don’t run the A/C, you’ll melt, right? Wrong. At, you’ll find window coverings to fit all your home-cooling needs. Need to keep the sun out during the hottest part of the day? No problem! Costco’s window coverings are the solution you’ve been searching for! Best of all, our window coverings are versatile. Use them on your house, certainly, but install them on outdoor structures like gazebos or pergolas as well, to give your outdoor sanctuary some additional privacy.