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Costco Wholesale is committed to working with qualified minority and women-owned suppliers in the communities where we do business. This is consistent with our overall commitment as a company to foster an inclusive environment, free from inequity and unlawful discrimination.

Please watch the Costco Supplier Diversity video.

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For our suppliers, working with Costco provides expanded opportunities into new markets, support and a valued partnership that helps create sustainable business partnerships for the future.

For Costco, working alongside our diverse suppliers helps us explore new possibilities, and develop new and unique high quality items for our members. As a result this will help positively affect the economic development of the communities where we do business.

“Since I founded Orgain over 12 years ago, I’ve come to really appreciate that strength lies more in differences, not in similarities. The Supplier Diversity Program at Costco embraces the strength of diversity and I’m so proud to not only be a supplier to Costco, but a true partner. Our fundamental core values are aligned which has paved the way for continued mutual success.”

-Andrew Abraham

“Through a strong Supplier Diversity Program which aims to deliver trend-setting, quality products to its customers and strengthen the communities it serves, Costco truly gives diversity suppliers such as my company invaluable opportunities. Not only do we get to partner up but we also get to work together towards a mutually beneficial goal while giving our product potential mass exposure to new markets in a changing global environment.

The relationship so far has been more supportive than we could ever expect. We are eager to continue building value for our partner, and most importantly for the Costco customer."

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