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Manufacturer Rebates

Some products offer a "Manufacturer's Rebate." These rebates are mailed directly to that company using a form offered below or on the product page.


  • For orders, your ship confirmation email is required to submit your rebate
  • For a warehouse purchase, information at the bottom of the receipt is needed
  • Non-Members must submit their documents by mail
  • Submissions must be entered within 30 days of expiration
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks to process the request and for you to receive your check


You may submit your rebate request by mail. Please note that there are different forms for a warehouse or purchase


Returned Items

If you received a Mail-in Rebate check and since have returned the item and would like to reimburse the vendor, you may either:

  • Forward your rebate check (DO NOT void rebate check) to Costco Wholesale
  • Forward a check made payable to Costco Wholesale for the rebate amount

    Mail checks to:
    Costco Wholesale
    Member Rebate Department
    999 Lake Drive Issaquah, WA 98027

    Please include your Costco membership number, item number or item description so Costco can reimburse the appropriate vendor.

For additional information, please contact the Rebate Member Services center at 1-866-355-3137 .

Rebates Request Warehouse Form

Purchases made at a Costco warehouse have an attached submission form on the bottom of the sales receipt. Complete the form and mail to:
Costco Wholesale
c/o APF
PO Box 1015
Grand Rapids, MN 55745