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Dog Kennels & Crates

For many animals, a kennel or crate is a space where they can retreat for safety, warmth, and security. For you, it’s a structure of convenience. Place your pet inside when you leave the house or at night to sleep. Whatever your reason for purchasing a new crate or kennel, be sure to stop by for great deals on high-quality products you and your pet will both love. Narrow your search by brand, indoor or outdoor placement, and more! You’ll find a variety of square and rectangular kennels, with and without covers. A cover over the top may be very handy if you plan on putting your kennel outside, but if you’re placing your kennel in the garage, a non-covered kennel will do just fine. Find the right sized crate for your pet, and rest easy when you’re away, knowing they’re safe and comfy while you’re gone. Shop in stores of online at for low wholesale prices on all of Costco’s pet food & supplies!