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Soundbars & Home Theater

Choosing the Right Sound System for Your Space

If you’re looking for the ultimate home theater experience, try pairing your TV with an amazing sound system! Sound bars are a great way to amplify your TV’s sound, especially if space is limited. Their slim, low profile design makes for simple placement in front of your TV without obscuring the view. Plus, bluetooth or Wi-Fi allows you to seamlessly connect your wireless sound bar to your TV without having to add more cables to your collection. Consider sound bars from leading brands like Sonos and LG that are enabled with Dolby. If space isn’t an issue, Costco also carries sound bars with wireless subwoofers ,as well as complete surround sound systems.

Find the Best Sound Bar for Your TV Experience Needs

Costco carries a wide range of popular sound bars to suit every need and budget. Enjoy a true cinema experience with Dolby Atmos sound bars, which offer impressive sound clarity, depth, and richness. Home theater systems typically require more space and money, but they allow you to immerse a room with quality sound that is simply unmatched. Whether you choose a sound bar or home theater system, you’re guaranteed to take TV viewing to the next level.