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Keep the Power Running with a Costco Generator

Whether you’re looking for a new generator for your home, travel or workplace, you’ll find the best generators for sale at! We offer a full line of generators to suit a wide range of needs, from portable power stations to complete house generators—all from trusted brands like Firman, Honeywell and Generac. Choose from battery, gas, or solar generators that come with great features like multiple ports and outlets, LCD screens and helpful fuel alerts, as well as crucial safety features like carbon monoxide detection and auto shut-off. Many of today’s generators also offer convenient smart app control, so you can access and monitor your generator from almost anywhere.

Stay Powered Up Wherever You Go

For on-the-go power, we carry a large selection of portable generators that are perfect for road trips, tailgating, power tools, and as emergency back-up for home appliances. These versatile generators tend to be more affordable and require no installation. Pick up a mobile Generac generator to power your RV, or a smart electric generator with built-in wheels for your next camping trip. Another portable option is an inverter generator, which works well for sensitive electronics like cell phones and laptops. Lightweight and compact, these small generators efficiently change mechanical power into electricity. Inverter generators offer safe, clean power and exceptionally quiet performance. Consider purchasing a Firman generator with a 1.8 gallon tank, or a dual fuel generator that can be run on gasoline or propane.

Be Prepared for Power Outages at Home

Be prepared for power outages and extreme weather conditions with whole house generators from Costco. Essential for both safety and comfort, home generators detect outages and automatically provide power for your entire home with little disruption. Standby generators can provide heat or A/C, prevent frozen pipes and food spoilage, charge electronics, power security systems and alarms, and much more. Although they are more expensive and require installation, purchasing a whole home generator is a smart long-term investment that offers protection and peace of mind. Costco also carries low-maintenance solar generators that convert the sun's energy into electrical power. These eco-friendly generators are clean, quiet and reliable, and offer great power duration. Bring a solar powered generator next time you go off-grid, or purchase a Jackery solar generator as backup for your home.

Costco also offers installed home standby generators and generator accessories like electrical cords & power strips.