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Stock up On Rechargeable & Disposable Batteries at Costco

Keep your life running smoothly with premium household batteries and accessories from Whether it’s AA batteries for everyday electronics like TV remotes and kid’s toys or a 9v battery for important items like smoke detectors, it’s essential to have a variety of backups on-hand for all the different electronics around your home. At Costco, you’ll find an extensive inventory of batteries to suit all your needs, including C batteries, D batteries, 12v batteries, and standard AAA batteries —all available in budget-friendly value packs. Choose from dependable brands like Energizer, Duracell Coppertop and Kirkland Signature. And if you’re looking for a new car battery, we’ve got those too! Costco sells a wide range of Interstate batteries for golf carts, RVs, boats, lawn mowers and more.

Different Types of Batteries & Their Uses

Costco has great deals on specialty batteries, portable battery chargers, and battery storage systems. Enjoy a wide selection of hearing aid batteries, watch batteries, and popular coin cell batteries used for products like key fobs and small LED accessories. Shop our inventory of alkaline batteries, which are ideal for household items like flashlights, radios and toothbrushes. For heavy use electronics such as camcorders and laptops, we have NiMH batteries. For long-term use, Costco offers rechargeable batteries that can be used and recharged numerous times. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, consider investing in a portable power station that lets you charge several devices at once. These handy travel companions are perfect for camping, hiking, fishing and other adventurous activities. From duracell batteries that come with a charging case to lithium battery power stations that are compatible with solar panels, Costco has you covered!