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  FSA Eligible Item

Help Your Baby Grow Strong & Healthy

Good nutrition is essential to your baby’s health and well-being, which is why Costco carries only the best baby formula & food for your little one. We offer a variety of infant formulas to suit various dietary needs, all from leading brands like Similac, Enfamil, and Pediasure. You’ll find infant formulas that are organic, gluten-free, and kosher, and many that are formulated for sensitive stomachs. These high-quality baby formulas are enriched with vitamins and nutrients to support the immune system, as well as help with proper brain and eye development. Costco also offers healthy foods and snacks like easy-serve food pouches filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables, yummy organic snack bars, and vitamin-packed protein shakes.

Keep Your Baby Clean & Dry

Raising a family can be expensive, and economy-sized baby items such as diapers, wipes & training pants, are a budget-friendly solution to saving you money. At Costco, you’ll find all your favorite baby stuff at exclusive Costco member prices. We carry baby wipes in standard and travel packs, diapers in every size, and colorful training pants for toddlers. You can also stock up on other baby essentials like wipe warmers and Diaper Genie refills. Choose from trusted brands like Huggies, Pull-Ups, and Pampers. And all the money you save, will make it easier to keep up with your growing baby’s needs. So, whether it’s buying beautiful new nursery furniture or getting the latest and greatest kid’s toys, you’ll appreciate all the ways that Costco makes your life easier.

Shop Premium Baby Products for Your Car & Home

Costco has a great selection of baby gear for every stage of childhood, from baby carriages to booster seats. You’ll find infant car seats and convertible car seat systems with the latest safety and comfort features, including sturdy steel-reinforced frames, multiple recline positions, plush padding, and 5-point harness systems. We have air purifiers to keep your child’s room free from germs and allergens, as well as comforting sound machines that will soothe your baby to sleep. And for strollers, we carry lightweight jogging strollers with high-impact wheels, roomy double strollers, and convenient car seat strollers for easy transfers in and out of the car.

Monitor Your Baby’s Health & Safety

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to keep your child safe and healthy. That’s why Costco carries high-quality baby care & safety items for both babies and toddlers. We offer the best baby monitor cameras and baby monitoring systems on the market, with innovative features like high-resolution HD video, night lights, calming sleep sounds, and 2-way audio that lets you communicate with your child without even entering their room. Many new systems come with WIFI baby monitors and baby monitor apps that allow you to use your smartphone to conveniently check in on your child from almost anywhere in your home. We even have advanced monitoring systems that continuously track your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate, and immediately alert you to any sudden changes. Being able to quickly and easily check your baby’s vitals will give you valuable peace of mind, so you can both sleep better.