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Garage & Shop Accessories

Your garage serves a variety of purposes. It’s a repair station, a storage unit, and even an escape from the stress of everyday life. But are you using your space efficiently? Would you find value, for instance, in an automotive lift that would allow you to store one car above the other or work on a vehicle from all angles? Could your tools be easier to find if you had the right cabinetry or utility cart? Then there’s all the sports equipment: Bikes, golf clubs, skateboards, basketballs, soccer nets… the list goes on and on. Would your garage be a more organized, safer place if all those items could be put into overhead storage?

From utility vacuums to garage door openers, you’ll find all the garage and shop accessories you’re looking for, right here at Costco has something to fit any budget, and you’re guaranteed to find great value at our wholesale prices. So what are you looking for? Whatever it is, we’ll help you turn your vision into a reality.